Student Clubs


Seven York University clubs have been ratified and are affiliated with New College. Several of them have won recent awards for their varied and often extensive programming which includes:

  • events with speakers from the industry,
  • socializing, networking, and info events with employers,
  • hands-on workshops (e.g., on LinkedIn profiles; succeeding at job interviews),
  • case competitions (both in-house competitions with companies and support of participation in national competitions),

and much more that helps you develop the professional network and skills needed for the time after graduation. All seven clubs are student-run, not-for-profit organizations.

Atkinson Professional Accounting Association (APAA)

apaa logoThe Atkinson Professional Accounting Association (APAA) "serves to encourage leadership, excellence, and professionalism” in School of Administrative Studies Accounting students of York University. The association was founded in May 1998 by a group of graduating students for the purposes of promoting Atkinson’s Bachelor of Administrative Studies in Accounting (BAS) program, aiding students and soliciting support from University faculty and potential employers. Formerly known as the Atkinson Accounting Club, the association has successfully re-branded itself since 2007. The majority of APAA members are School of Administrative Studies students who are working toward their Bachelor of Administrative Studies degree and are interested in a career in accounting. Upon graduation, many APAA members pursue a professional accounting designation."

For their outstanding accomplishments in organizing networking events, workshops, and case competitions, APAA won the 2014 Student Engagement Award of York's Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies and the 2015 New College Exceptional Team Spirit Award. To find more information about becoming a member or becoming an exec please visit the APAA website.

Office Location: 253 ATK

Entrepreneurship Development Association (EDA)

Entrepreneurship Development Association (EDA)The Entrepreneurship Development Association (EDA) is a professional student-run, non-profit organization that comprises of a diversified executive team from various departments within York University. Our mission is to motivate, assist, and develop the skills of students who have a desire to pursue entrepreneurial ventures. EDA's ultimate goal is to connect students with practitioners and resources needed to strengthen their venture ideas and explore entrepreneurship as a career.

The association started in September 2015 and offered a series of entrepreneurial workshops such as Business Development for Startups, Marketing Strategies, Financial Guidance, and Entrepreneurship as a Career. The workshops allow students the opportunity to engage in discussions and network with successful entrepreneurs.

Office Location: 319 SSC (New Student Centre)

Finance Students Association (FSA)

Finance Students Association (FSA)

The Finance Students Association represents students in the LAPS faculty, specifically students in the finance stream of the School of Administrative Studies BCom program.  Our goal is to be the primary intermediary between finance professionals and York University students.

FSA aims to encourage students who wish to pursue a career in the financial world by organizing events that help build the necessary skills and confidence required to kick-start their journey as finance professionals.  FSA will provide students with the opportunity to build and expand their professional network.  FSA will consciously, consistently, and diligently showcase the quality and integrity of the BCom Finance stream to all students at York University.
To contact us send an e-mail to or inquire at the New College Office of the College Head for our hours of operation.

Office Location: 140J ATK
Website: Under Construction

Human Resources Student Association (HRSA)

hrsa logoHRSA promotes personal and professional development among all Human Resources Management and business students at York University. HRSA strives to facilitate knowledge and develop an innovative culture to help students succeed in the HRM field. HRSA offers a Mentorship program, alumni networking events and workshops for students interested in pursuing a CHRP designation after their undergrad degree.

HRSA won the 2016 New College Exceptional Team Spirit Award for their outstanding work throughout the year. For more on HRSA visit their Facebook page.

Office Location: 122B ATK

NOW Leaders (NOW)

NOW logoNOW Leaders is New College's leadership development community. At NOW we believe that as students “We are the NOW".
Business is synonymous with leadership, whether it is a project, department, or a company. Therefore, NOW Leaders was formed in 2017 with the vision to provide Business students an opportunity for leadership development in their own school, regardless of their streams.
We're on a mission to nurture leadership qualities of business students in New College at York University and the broader student body, by providing networking and learning opportunities between students and leading professionals.

Office Location: 140H ATK

Undergraduate Disaster and Emergency Management (UDEM)




Keeping today’s rapidly growing and changing world safe demands greater levels of planning, preparation, and expertise to meet unexpected and increasingly complex challenges to public health and safety. Through the implementation of various policies, plans and a range of programs, Canada has adopted an all-hazards approach to emergency management.

However, there is still much more that Canada can do to enhance its emergency management program. This task will be the responsibility of future Emergency Managers, many of whom are prospective graduates of the York University Disaster and Emergency Management (DEM) Program.

The Undergraduates of Disaster and Emergency Management Student Association (UDEM) wants to provide encouragement and motivation to all DEM students by creating a community of students, alumni, and faculty. We are a student-run organization that wants to promote personal and professional development among all disaster and emergency management students.

Our mission is to help students excel in the professional realm by providing opportunities to build their professional networks, develop themselves professionally, and maintain that connection to the world of DEM. We want to have a significant presence on campus and provide awareness of this program to all students at York University.

Office Location: 140J ATK