Ask your Peer Mentor

Starting university can be tough and confusing, which is why we assign each new student a Peer Mentor, that is, an upper-year student who will contact you before the first week of classes and help you throughout your first term at YorkU. Make sure you are checking your email account!

As a new York U student affiliated with New College, you are automatically enrolled in this program and paired by us with a Peer Mentor who is usually from the same program of study. That is, a BCom Accounting student is normally paired with a BCom Accounting student, a BCom Finance student with a BCom Finance student, a BHRM student with a BHRM student, a BA ITEC student with a BA ITEC student etc. This ensures that you get the most accurate and relevant information.

Your Peer Mentor stays with you for your first term at York U. Peer Mentors are student volunteers, trained on campus resources and how to assist you best in your transition. Feel free to ask them any questions or concerns as you begin your university journey! Questions can include "Where can I get help with my writing?", "Which prof did you like best?" or “What’s the best place to eat on campus?”, "How can I get involved in intramurals?".

Peer Mentors do not provide you with academic advising (e.g., your degree requirements) or tutoring for a specific course, but they can direct you to the right persons and places for academic or administrative help.

The Peer Mentorship Program runs during the fall, winter and the summer semesters.

Your active participation in this program is not mandatory, but we encourage all students to take advantage of the assistance and insights that your Peer Mentor is able to provide.

If you have any questions or concerns or aren't sure who your mentor is, please contact us at

Want to become a Peer Mentor yourself? See how you can become a Peer Mentor Leader.