Be a Peer Mentor

  • Interested in helping new students with the transition to York?
  • Eager to share your experiences as a first-year student?
  • Want to develop your leadership and personal skills
  • Looking for a great way to make a contribution to the York community?

Then being a Peer Mentor at New College is for you!

New College organizes a peer-to-peer program that helps first-year ADMS, HRM, ITEC and  DEM students have a smooth transition to university life, while at the same time giving upper-year students a volunteering opportunity to develop their leadership skills by helping a new member of the York community. For the duration of a term, Peer Mentors offer support to their mentees by answering questions and sharing the ‘inside scoop’ about York programs, courses, services and resources. Peer Mentors receive training as well as a certificate.

What are the requirements?

To become a Peer Mentor, you have to:

  • be a New College student preferably in the BCom, BHRM, BDEM or BA ITEC program.
  • have strong written and verbal communication skills as well as be in good academic standing.
  • be at least 2nd year level standing (that is, have completed 30 credits) at the start of your mentoring term (typically the beginning of the Fall term).

How does Peer Mentoring work and what do I have to commit to?

At the beginning of the Fall term, we will pair you as the Mentor or "buddy" with incoming students (your "mentees"), normally of your program/specialization field (i.e., HRM, ITEC, DEM, BCom, Accounting, BCom Finance, BCom Management etc.). You will be helping a group of around 15 to 20 new students in making a smooth transition into university life during their first four months of studies. You can expect to stay in touch with about half of the mentees in your group through the four months  peer mentorship period (September to December). Most, if not all, of your communication with mentees will be through e-mail. But you may also choose to meet some of them in person or connect thru Social Media, Messaging Apps etc. After the completion of the Fall term, you can opt to continue being a Mentor in the following term(s) and be assigned new incoming students.

During your mentoring term, you will be expected to do the following:

  1. Attend Peer Mentor training (typically in late August for the academic year starting in September)
  2. Attend New Student Orientation Day in early September (Mentors in the Fall term), and early January (Mentors who continue in the Winter term)
  3. Answer questions asked by mentees within 24 hours of receiving an e-mail, committing about one hour per week
  4. Forward relevant information from New College (e.g., on events for first-year students) to mentees within 6 hours of receiving e-mail from the New College Program Assistant
  5. Attend two New College events per term specifically designed for mentors and mentees (mandatory, unless you have class at the same time)
  6. Stay in touch with your new student group by periodically sending follow up e-mails
  7. Fill in the End-of-Term Online Survey on your experience as a Peer Mentor

What’s in it for me?

  • Help others and make new friends
  • Receive a Peer Mentoring Certificate to build your resume
  • Collect YU Connect volunteer hours
  • Great learning experience: After their mentoring experience, 71% of Mentors feel that being a Peer Mentor has "strongly helped" them build their network, 65% say that it strongly helped them develop leadership skills, and 59% that it strongly helped with their social and interpersonal skills (rest to 100% said it "helped somewhat" for each skill). 1
  • High satisfaction: 100% of New College Peer Mentors would recommend being a Mentor to other 2nd or higher-year students. 1
  • Receive training in how to help others and on the various resources and opportunities available on campus

Want to become a Peer Mentor?

Then watch out for our calls for new mentors from! These calls and the respective application deadlines typically happen in March for the following academic year (starting in the Fall). If you have any questions please contact


Fall 2021 Call for Peer Mentors (PDF)

Wall of Mentors - Winter 2021