Be a PASS Leader

pass leader

  • Are you an excellent student?
  • Do you want to help other students?
  • Do you want to build your leadership skills and your resume?
  • Do you want to earn some money?

Become a PASS Leader with New College!

PASS leaders are part of an exciting New College team of student leaders who are committed to sharing their skills and knowledge with fellow students to help them succeed academically. "PASS Leader" is a paid position, and requires a minimum commitment of 7 hours per week during Fall, Summer and Winter terms.

What is PASS?
PASS means Peers-Assisted Study Sessions – weekly group-learning sessions for difficult courses which are facilitated by a "PASS leader", that is, a student who has completed the respective course in a previous term with an A or A+. For ADMS, HRM, ITEC, and DEM students at York University, these PASS sessions are organized by New College. They are normally held throughout the Fall, Summer and Winter terms and take place in the Atkinson building. More on PASS ...

What does a PASS Leader do?
As a PASS Leader, you will conduct at least one two-hour PASS session for "your" course per week. In the session, you will facilitate activities and group discussions among attending students to review weekly course material and prepare them for the upcoming exams. You will also be required to review the course materials and prepare or revise handouts for your PASS sessions in advance (normally another two hours per week, to be done at New College Office of the College Head). You also may have to attend one hour of bi-weekly meetings, attend a lecture each week and also advertise for your PASS Sessions (e.g., by classroom visits).

Before the term starts, you will receive training in facilitating group-study sessions and in administrative procedures.

What does it take to become a PASS Leader?
You must:

  • have achieved an A or A+ in the course for which you facilitate PASS sessions.
  • possess superior communication skills (written and oral) and superior attention to detail.
  • students must meet the Registrar's Office and Student Financial Services student eligibility requirements for work-study positions, including requirements for ongoing enrolment at York University (typically 9 credits per term).

Please see our job postings for details.