Office of the College Head Team

From Orientation to Convocation, Administrative Studies (Commerce), Human Resource Management and Information Technology students, New College is your college.

You came to York to acquire professional knowledge and skills. The Office of the College Head, Student Council, Student Clubs and Pond Residence - we are all here to enhance your university experience and we hope you will remember your years at York University as some of the best times in your life.

Colleges in their inception were created to give students a space to meet socially. Their role has evolved and nowadays the reason they exist goes beyond social life. They have also become a place for academic support, where everything is done to better prepare students for their future careers by giving them tools and skills that time constraints do not permit professors to give during class time. Every student can benefit from the activities that we offer.

We constitute a community and can learn a great deal from one another. Our college is our space, where we all feel comfortable and motivated to participate in our events and programs.

Help us make our College a strong community based on mutual sharing and understanding.

Here's how to reach the Office of the College Head:

  • College Head: vacant
  • College Administrative Coordinator: Filomena Pestana
  • College Programs Assistant: Lorraine Myrie