Welcome to New College!

NOTICE: Effective by end of day Thursday, March 19, York University will be offering limited on-campus services to prevent the risk and spread of COVID-19. However, the Office of the College Head, New College, is still fully committed to ensuring our students get the supports they need. You can reach us at newcol@yorku.ca. For more information on the University’s response to the coronavirus, including the various services being offered online, please visit the COVID-19 website for the most recent updates.

New College is affiliated with York University’s Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies serving students in Administrative Studies (BCom), Information Technology (ITEC), Human Resource Management (HRM) and Disaster and Emergency Management (DEM). By building a smaller community just for you, New College is here to provide the tools for academic achievement and personal success outside the classroom.

  • Co-curricular support from Orientation to Convocation
  • PASS (study groups) for difficult courses
  • Peer Mentors for first year students
  • Skills-based workshops
  • Information sessions
  • Student Council representing New College students
  • Building a community to let you feel at home at York
  • Socializing and having fun with trips, events and athletics
  • Clubs affiliated with New College to build your professional network and contacts with the industry
  • Suite-styled Pond Residence affiliated with New College since 2014

Participate in New College life today!