PASSWant to pass difficult courses? Or even ace them? The PASS program is here to help! PASS stands for Peers-Assisting Student Success – weekly group-learning sessions for difficult courses which are facilitated by a "PASS leader", that is, a student who has completed the respective course in a previous term with an A or A+.

For ADMS, HRM, and ITEC students at York University, these PASS sessions are organized by New College. In the past, PASS sessions have been offered for ADMS 2320, ADMS 2500, ADMS 2510, ADMS 3330, ADMS 3530, ADMS 3585, HRM 3420, and ITEC 1620. They are normally held through the Fall and Winter term and take place in the Atkinson building.

CURRENT PASS Schedule - Summer 2017

Why should you attend PASS sessions?

  • It's free of charge, and you can attend as many times as you want.
  • Smaller study groups led by an A/A+ student, preparing you for the exams.
  • Adapted each term from the current course outline.
  • For many courses, there are two sessions a week, to give you more options.
  • Improve your grade: 86% of PASS attendants surveyed after the term said that attending the PASS sessions improved their grade. Their median estimate of this improvement is 10 percentage points of the overall course grade.
  • High student satisfaction: 49% of PASS attendants rate the PASS sessions as being "extremely helpful", another 39% as being "very helpful"
  • Avoid leaving studying to the last minute.
  • Interactive style of learning
  • Feel more comfortable asking questions in a smaller group
  • Handouts will be given out at the PASS sessions only.  You have to be in attendance to receive a copy.

Want to become a PASS leader? See how you can become a PASS leader.

ADMS 2510 - Session Schedule

ADMS 3530 - Session Schedule


"Hi, I am Matthew a 4th year accounting student who will lead PASS sessions for ADMS 2510 this Summer.
I am extremely excited to aid all students who, either struggle with managerial accounting concepts, or are looking to ace the course! I understand that practice makes perfect, and sometimes you must not only listen to important lectures, but you must read, discuss, and solve problems before actually understanding the material.
I also like hockey, reading, and pasta with tomato sauce!"


Hi, I am Yijing Li (Sophia). I am a fourth year finance student in the ADMS program.
It has been a great experience to be a PASS Leader in Fall/Winter 2016-2017. I enjoy facilitating student groups to assist them better understand the course material by focusing on problem-solving, helping students to prepare for their exams, and score a higher grade through more practice.
I believe the best way to learn is to be fully engaged in the learning process. Therefore, I am committed to creating a relaxed atmosphere that allows students to feel more comfortable to participate, and interact with each other during the sessions.
I am looking forward to start the new study group this summer.
See you in ADMS 3530 PASS Session!