Graduation Photos

The official New College photographer for convocation is ...

Luxarte Studios

Luxarte Studios is the official photographer for New College.  They can be contacted at

Your appointment can be booked at

The sitting fee is $25, this includes 8‐10 colour samples and a digital copy of the New College composite.  At the time of your sitting you will be given an order form of packages to choose from. Ordering is done at your leisure and is not done at the time of your sitting.

There is a rebated package offered ONLY at the time of your sitting, a savings of $24, it is the Super Special.  For $50 cash paid at the time of your sitting you will receive 2-5x7's and 4-4x5’s.  The $50 does not include your sitting fee.

What to wear, for the ladies a white blouse or collared shirt is recommended for men a white shirt and tie is recommended.

Further details will be provided to you at your time of booking at

After your convocation date, you can drop by to pick up composite photos from Reception in the Office of the Master, New College, 140 Atkinson.

Please check the  York Convocation site for further detailed information about convocation.