New College Student Council (NCC)

As a student-run government, NCC members are your college representatives at every level within the university: school, faculty, college and York at large. They also organize recreational events under the responsibility of VP Social and are in charge of New College sports teams coordinated by VP Athletics. The College Council kicks off the year with Orientation Week followed by social events. NCC works in close collaboration with the Office of the Master. Also the Master is a voting member of the Council.


Positions at the New College Council include VPs, Directors, Commuter representative, Pond Residence representative along with first year representative! VPs and Directors are elected in the Spring elections. Each year Council members are elected or hired for 12 months (May 1 - April 30).

The elected positions are as follows:

  • President
  • Vice President Operations
  • Vice President Finance
  • Vice President Athletics
  • Vice President Social
  • Vice President Promotions
  • Vice President Academics
  • Director Athletics
  • Director Social
  • Director Promotions

Student Levy confirmation report:

Audited Financial Statements: