Contact the Student Council

Location: Room 105 Atkinson

Name Position Email Address
Cristian Kuyten-Thomas President
Harsh Verma Vice President Finance
Haya Alsayegh Vice President Operations
Kristy Chui Vice President Academics
Matthew Borges Vice President Athletics
Alexa Salagubang Vice President Promotions
Jaskarn Duhra Vice President Social
Shrey Rao New Beat Editor - Newsletter
Noam Turecki Chief Returning Officer
vacant Social O-Chair
Maya James-Kumaresan Social O-Chair
Hussam Khan Director, Athletics Not Applicable
Jr. Dotimas Director, Social Not Applicable
Kireeti Vejandla Director, Promotions Not Applicable
Iboro-Obong Ekefre YFS Director Not Applicable
Jon Nagassar Chair
Alexandre Carreira Secretary Not Applicable

The Loft: 107 Atkinson. The Loft is a lounge where New College students can socialize, play games, relax or meet friends.

Study Room: 002 Atkinson. Individuals or groups can study there Monday through Thursday from 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM; 10:00AM until 5:00PM on Fridays.