Student Clubs

New College is home for ten student associations (clubs). They are all attached to an area of study: accounting, finance, marketing, management, IT, HR and DEM.

Club Name Email Office Location
Atkinson Professional Accounting Association (APAA) 140 ATK
Entrepreneurship Development Association (EDA) 319 SSC
Finance Students Association (FSA) 140 ATK
Human Resources Student Association (HRSA) 122B ATK
International Relations Student Association at York (IRSAY)    
Information Technology Student Association (ITSA) 140 ATK
Marketing Student's Society (MSS) 140 ATK
No Opportunity Wasted Leaders (NOW) 140 ATK
Undergraduates of Disaster and Emergency Management (UDEM) 140 ATK
York Trading Club (YTC) 140 ATK